Wooden windows can provide your house an elegance and appeal which simply can’t be attained with a lot more modern materials, both inside and outside. With the right care, wooden windows could be an extremely long-term choice for your home, meaning that you don’t need to bother about replacement windows for years.

To help you choose whether wooden windows are the best option for your home, we’ve come up with the advantages and all the things you’ll have to consider about wooden window frames.

Types of Wood for Wooden Windows

You’ll be encountered with some different choices relating to selecting the kind of wood for your windows.

Softwood Timber Windows

Softwood are frequently less expensive compared to hardwood and matches modern and period-style homes. It may have stains around it however they’re normally painted and would need a fresh coat in every several years. Probably the most firm and durable kind of softwood is Douglas fir.

Hardwood Timber Windows

Hardwood is a lot more firm and sturdy compared to softwood since it’s more slowly growing that gives it a tighter grain. Also this implies that you’ll have more life from it compared to softwood. Oak is a common selection of hardwood.

Oak Timber Frame Windows

This could be a costly choice, why then pick oak? Well, it has plenty of advantages like being really stable and sturdy that makes it the perfect option for your windows. Oak is a dense hardwood; it is solid and strong, with a great durability. It is ideal for construction, when stability and strength are most important.

Benefits of Wooden Windows

Wooden windows would bring a lot of potential benefits to the in and out of of your house, we’ve outlined a few of the benefits that will help you choose if they’re the best choice for you.

Wood features a very long life span and can be part of your house for up to sixty years.

Environmentally Friendly

Not like other materials utilized for windows (like uPVC), wood is a totally natural material. Sometimes, trees are replanted to restore the timber utilized to produce windows.

Energy Efficiency

In case cutting your carbon footprint and lowering your home’s effect on the environment is vital to you then you’ll make great advances with wooden windows. You can lessen the CO2 output of your house by nearly a tonne in that period.


Wood functions as being an outstanding insulator that will assist to keep the heat inside and don’t allow it to get away.

Weather Resistant’ heading

In case the wood gets the appropriate maintenance then it would be resistant against the weather conditions.

Increase Home Value

Every one of these benefits add up to potentially help you boost the worth of your home.


It’s also well worth remembering that wooden windows can be more expensive as compared to many other materials utilized for window frames like uPVC and aluminium. However, because of the timber’s inherent strength, triple-glazing is a lot more cost-effective using wood windows compared to some other materials.


Regardless of the material the window is made of, it requires a few maintenance in order to benefit the most from it. In case you’re capable of taking the time to maintain your wooden windows, then you are sure that you can have them for a lot of years in the future. Listed below are some actions you can take in order to maintain the wooden windows:

Simply wiping the wood down using a dry cloth every few months in order to eliminate any dirt and dust and to help prevent mould from growing. In case you decide to paint the wood then utilize UV protected paint which can block sunlight to defend the wood

Remember to clean the windows themselves before doing the frames as dirt can run into them from the glass

Wooden windows are really well worth maintaining mainly because, given the proper care, they could outlive many other materials by a considerable period of time.