Do you want to replace your windows? Install the right style of window to maximize beauty, performance, and function. Nowadays, casement windows are very popular because they offer several benefits. What are casement windows? They consist of a flat pane of glass and a hinge on the side.

Here are 5 reasons why casement windows have become popular.

1. Excellent Ventilation

Casement windows are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms because they offer the best natural ventilation. It is easy to extend the full, top to bottom opening to around 90 degrees. So, these windows open all the way outward. They are perfect for bringing in the fresh air and for venting out something.

Also, you can use the crank to direct airflow to any place you want. Therefore, casement windows provide excellent natural ventilation and light. Other types of windows do not open all the way outward, so they do not offer the best natural ventilation.

2. Design Features

Secondly, casement windows offer a variety of design features. Most of these design features are very attractive. For example, no grill, prairie grill, colonial grill, top-down grille, pushout, flat top, and French. They can improve your house’s curb appeal because casement windows look attractive in many materials.

The materials of casement windows include vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, steel, and clad, which is wood covered vinyl or aluminum. Do not rush to install these windows. Go through all the design features. Then, choose the best ones for your home. You will love most of these design features.

3. Highly Energy Efficient

Thirdly, casement windows are energy-efficient windows. Most of these windows are A+ rated for energy efficiency. And they meet Windows Energy Ratings requirements. They are also efficient because they do not allow air entry and leakage because of the enhanced glazing and they close tightly.

Additionally, they are easy to maintain. And they are easy to clean. So, they do not require heavy amounts of cleaning. How do you clean them? You just wipe them when they become dusty or dirtied. They have a long lifespan. Therefore, they can save you a lot of money in the long run.

4. Stronger Security

Casement windows come in different designs, which offer better security. These windows offer much better security than other windows. Are you afraid of break-ins? Is burglary common in your neighborhood? Install casement windows. They can protect your home when you are not around.

A casement window has four sides, which seal into the sash. When you lock this window from the inside, the four sides seal into the sash. This makes it harder for a burglar to break into your house. Additionally, these windows have locks that make it harder for anyone to open the window from outside.

However, burglars can open other windows with a crowbar.

5. Weatherproof

Last, but not least, the strong locking mechanism of these windows keeps rain, wind, and snow from your home. Water and even wind cannot penetrate the strong locking mechanism. Also, these windows have one pane of glass, so there are no gaps between two panes of glasses. Therefore, you will always feel warm cozy inside your home.

These windows can lower your electricity bills because you will feel warm inside your home. So, you will turn off the air conditioner. You will save more in the long run. Also, pollens and other allergens will not enter your house. Therefore, you will never have to worry about the health of your family after installing casement windows.

These are the top reasons why casement windows have become popular. They have become popular because they are highly energy efficient. They offer natural ventilation. And they can improve the curb appeal of your home.

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